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Personal and purpose-led writing.

My High School English teacher once told me that I "write in a weird way". It's still the best compliment I've ever received.

My writing varies between a number of different forms: screenplays, stage plays, short-form pieces (essays/stories/articles). Different stories require different forms and structures; step one is always figuring out which best suits the story intentions.

I am always working on my next written project on spec, and am available for commissioned pieces and collaborative work.

Areas of work...


Stage plays


Blog Posts

Short Fiction Stories

"It is sad but also brilliant. The arguments and images are so competent and precise. It's not just creative - Tom has a sense of creative structure and that's the most important thing about creativity and is quite rare"

Renowned playwright Edward Bond on 'The Coffee Cup Metaphor'

Writing Samples

Coffee Cup.png

Short-Form Sample: Non-Fiction

Originally written as a 'cathartic think piece' in one of my many tight-locked notepads, The Coffee Cup Metaphor is a personal exploration of the mechanisms of grief. Contains themes of death, loss and grief.

Arch Parkway.png

Short Narrative Story: Fiction

Arch Parkway tells the story of a village with the accolade of being the 'Safest Place In The Nation'. And it is. At least, for the people within it.

Samples of writing for screen and stage can be provided upon request.

DSC03545 (2).jpg

Get In Touch:

I am always on the lookout for my next film, photo or writing project, and am eager to discuss any ideas and to work with you in meeting your project goals and telling your story - no matter what that may be. With full assurance I can offer an expertise and dedication to every project, and guarantee the best possible final product.

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