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Filmmaking Teacher Testimony

Jenny Berrisford, PQA Chester Principal

"Tom is a fantastic filmmaker, storyteller, and teacher.  His energy and enthusiasm for film and storytelling are clear in all of Tom's lessons. The detail and time he takes to ensure every student is engaged and enjoying the session is second to none. Whether Tom is teaching students 6 years old to 18, he differentiates the sessions to help and support all students! I honestly couldn't find a better film teacher. The students love him and he makes everything fun, While learning about film terminology the students don't just learn it they do film yoga! Tom's film sessions are never without giggles from the students and Tom himself. It is clear he loves to share his passion for film and storytelling.  Tom thinks of imaginative and inventive ways for the children to learn and no two lessons are the same. The way Tom can have 30-40 children all with roles and focus on a film set blows me away. He has a genuine passion for helping young people reach their creative potential. I have witnessed Tom have a class full of students inspired and working as a team to bring their ideas to life through film and this is just amazing. If you are thinking of having Tom as a teacher or doing a workshop you will not regret it. He's just fantastic!" 

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